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Weapon: five mahogany furniture and maintenance
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1, the mahogany furniture and the general furniture is different, it is suitable for Dongyang red wood furniture brand wet, avoid boring, so the red wood furniture should not be exposed to the sun, and avoid air conditioning to furniture blowing.

2, mahogany furniture must be stored properly, and the price of wooden and wooden furniture should be stored in the cupboard. It should not exceed the doorframe. If we often squeeze hard plugs, we will form a cupboard door deformation.

3, mahogany furniture's mahogany surface is usually crisp, such as desktop, chair surface. Often red wood furniture to pay attention to avoid bruise crack, if in the use of or move, find the focus of the joint, must be sealed from scratch again.

4, mahogany furniture generally use a long time, so usually to protect the appearance of furniture often good paint, the best every three months, with a small amount of wax, not only to increase the furniture beautiful, but also to protect wood.

5, avoid alcohol, banana water and other solvents, or make the furniture long scar. When the furniture is stained with dirt, it should be washed with light soapy water, after dry, and then waxed once, to recover the original appearance, but do not use the solvent liquid, such as gasoline, oil, turpentine and so on. Otherwise, the gloss of the paint and paint will be erased.