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Environmental protection effect of waxed red wood furniture
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Home is the rest of the harbour, the life of a man's life has a mahogany furniture sofa 2/3 to spend at home, the health of the living environment is natural to become a matter of people's consideration. In the same way, when people choose furniture, people no longer consider only the price pattern, but whether it's environmentally friendly furniture is becoming the primary factor for people to consider.

Environmental furniture is a kind of wooden furniture based on logs, which clearly indicates that the office furniture of mahogany is used to keep the original wood color, without any paint technology, and only use natural wax to polish the natural wood furniture of the mahogany furniture. In this kind of environmental furniture, the red wood furniture can be described as the top top, not only the pure natural environmental concept, and the beautiful shape of the noble temperament, the pure natural raw materials build the gentle and elegant, natural respectable space air, and its own traditional culture also makes use of its people indifferent and happy, and is very popular with consumers. Huan.

Red wood furniture is not only environmental furniture and art furniture, more important is the longer the longer the longer the value of the greater, which is one of the features of the red wood furniture more superior to other environmental furniture, especially the complete selection of the wax technology of the mahogany furniture, not only the texture and texture of the wood itself, and let the consumer buy it. When the investigation is clear, it can also provide the basis for the maintenance of the mahogany furniture before the red wood furniture itself, and not to maintain the mahogany furniture in the name of the painted furniture. In fact, it is the possibility of plundering the red wood furniture. Instead, it will be harmful.

Environmentally friendly solid wood furniture refers to furniture that is polished with natural wax instead of any paint technology. Is the painted wood furniture considered as an environmental friendly furniture? The personage of the industry pointed out that many mahogany manufacturers have stressed that they are using raw lacquers that have no harm to the human body, but how many of them are qualified lacquers, or whether they are raw lacquers or not, most consumers can't identify it, so the best is for environmental health considerations when buying red wood furniture. Selection and selection of the waxing process of mahogany furniture.