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Teach you how to play with Chinese classical furniture
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A valuable furniture, rare old mahogany, veteran Dongyang mahogany furniture brand brand style, the more people love it. The charm of Chinese classical furniture, like a cup of tea, endure turns brewing, many times can taste different charm to. And the charm of wood species lies in the growth of life in the vicissitudes of life. So, how to distinguish and appreciate redwood furniture? The industry insiders concluded that the "wood", "type", "art" and "Rhyme" should be concluded from these four aspects.

Wood is one of the performance of value

First, timber value is only one of the value of rosewood furniture, and the price of wooden furniture is not the only one. Material, that is, the materials and materials of the mahogany furniture. The selection and material of each piece of furniture will lead to the difference of its value. For example, a piece of red wood furniture of Hainan yellow pear and a large red acid branch is the same, but the value of the furniture is the same, but the value of the furniture is the same. Such as Huanghua pear, the most outstanding feature is beautiful texture, no need to paint and wax. It is beautiful and natural beauty to polish it slightly. It also has a natural sauce flavor, it is a traditional Chinese medicine, it can prolong life; red sandalwood is another kind of high quality wood. Chinese like purple, purple, as the old saying goes "luck" history is a symbol of auspicious Kyrgyzstan rich color. The ancients thought about many purple robes position is purple. In the Qing Dynasty, purple was used exclusively for the royal family, even the the Imperial Palace was named after the purple, called the Forbidden City.

Modeling is the basis of value performance

From all points of view, the appropriateness of the share of furniture, the coordination of the lines, and the comfortable feeling of the people, all of which affect the beauty of the furniture, and directly affect the consumer's affection for it and the value of the furniture, and more affect the price of the furniture.

Besides, we should pay more attention to its manufacturing process and artistic level. Mahogany furniture art mainly in style, carving and all grades. Artistry originates from the artistic accomplishment and aesthetic vision of the enterprise planning maker, and the manufacture is related to the manufacturing level and quality of the manufacturer. The same material will show great difference in value because of the different workmanship. As the same paper and calligraphy, the artistic value of the works under the hands of different painters is quite the same. Different workmanship, different labor consumption, and the cost of manufacturing are very different, which is why the home in the market has the value of preservation, but some of the reasons are not.

Advanced technology invent higher value

Art, that is, the technology of mahogany furniture, is one of the elements that show its central value. "Work is human skills, art is to do things, together with the technology, technology involves people, technicians to have good skills, good genre, must inherit the tradition, but also have new ideas, reflecting the modern civilization characteristics, this is the combination of work and art."

Furniture of the same raw material, but the price sometimes varies several times. The furniture of relatively low price is not made according to the traditional technology, severe share scale and mortise and tenon structure. It is simple and cracked without mortise, but it is bonded with metal with glue. After five or six years, wood and metal will be separated and separated into a pile of rotten wood.

Rhyme, that is, the charm of mahogany furniture, is the preservation value of high-grade furniture, which is one of the important guarantees for furniture value-added. In addition, some red wood raw materials have certain medicinal value, like Hainan Huanghua pear, which will send out the unique fragrance, have the effect of relaxing the tendons and activating blood and reducing blood pressure and blood fat, and can also improve the indoor air quality.

How to judge the value of entering the city?

The price of mahogany furniture is not a single factor, but a combination of the actual situation and various aspects. Judging the value of mahogany furniture, we should not only appreciate its timber, but also include its civilization and brand value. For example, its selection of raw materials, the level of craftsmen, the internal and traditional skills of the furniture, the use of machine carving is still pure manual manufacturing, the manufacturing process of the portal, manufacturing hours and so on, will affect the price of red wood furniture products.

a good piece of red wood furniture, line circulation, modeling coordination, raw material, sculptures, deep, dense, showing its extraordinary value, the price is natural and valuable. When we judge the price of a red wood furniture, we can not only look at the value of the wood itself, but also analyze and judge the artistic value of the mahogany furniture from its artistic, technological, charm, recognition and preservation.