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The red wood furniture has a beautiful new year
Update time:[2020-11-7]    Page view :827

Follow the mahogany furniture into thousands of households, its mysterious face, acid wood furniture price yarn is quietly fading away. In the daily protection of mahogany furniture, many people think that such precious things must be very difficult to take care of. In fact, the real day care of the real mahogany furniture is much easier than the furniture of the ordinary raw materials. Mahogany furniture waxing is new, maintenance is very convenient.

In recent years, the market of mahogany furniture has been warming up continuously. The value of the furniture price on investment products is becoming more and more comprehensive, including raw materials, technology, civilization, former history, portal and daily protection and maintenance. As we all know, waxing is the way to deal with the appearance of mahogany furniture. This method keeps the unique sense of light, touch and smell of logs. Use coarse liantianhong scrub the appearance of furniture will be more bright, bright, timeless.

The red wood furniture is different from the general furniture, it should be cool and dry, should not be exposed to the sun, and should not be exposed to the furniture. The table, chair, etc. Should pay attention to avoid bruising crack, if in the use of or move, find the focus of the joints, must be sealed and then used again; the red wood furniture is generally passed after the generation, so usually to protect the appearance of the furniture, the best every three months, with a small amount of wax, not only add furniture beautiful, not only. Besides, it can protect wood and shine forever. To avoid alcohol, banana water and other solvents, they will make furniture look long. When the furniture is exposed to dirt, it can be washed with light soapy water, after dry, and then waxed to restore the original appearance, but do not use the solvent liquid, such as gasoline, oil, turpentine, etc., otherwise it will harm the gloss of the appearance. If mahogany furniture starts to attack quality problems, it can be sought by sellers or professionals.

With the passage of time, the color of the mahogany furniture will become deeper and deeper. This is due to the natural repercussions of the material in the air. It will make the quality of the mahogany better and better, as if the wine is the same as the alcohol. The mahogany furniture is forever shining and never overexpires.